Sidewinder X4 PRO


· Print volume: 240*240*260mm
· Max printing speed: 500mm/s
· Klipper Firmware Pressure Advance & Input Shaping
· Reliable Metal Linear Rail Structure
· 9×9(81) points auto leveling
· Up to 300°C Nozzle Printing Temp
· Wifi/USB/Type C transfer
· Resume Printing
· Dual Pull Rod Structure



A:If the orders in US, EU, they will be shipped within 3 business day, delivery takes 15-25 business days.

For instance, if you opt for SHIP FROM "US" and EDT "Aug", your 3D printer will be dispatched from our local US warehouse in August through express delivery, which typically takes 3-5 business days to arrive. Please note that accessories and consumables will be shipped from China, ensuring you receive the best quality components for your printer. For customers from Canada, the 3D printer and accessories and filaments will be shipped from China which will take 20-25 days for the delivery. 

Q:Why is my region showing out of stock?

A:Estimated delivery times available in each region are as follows: 
US/EU/UK:They will be shipped within 3 business day, delivery takes 5-7 business days.

If it shows out of stock, delivery takes 15-25 business days.

All Metal Linear Rails

Having carriage slides containing ball bearings on the X and Y-axis, this superior linear rail structure offers the Artillery Sidewinder X4 PRO greater precision better mounting, and smoother motion, ensuring an amazing quality of your final build under high-speed 3D printing.

4.3 inch Touchscreen Full Klipper Firmware Pre-installed

Embedded with a quiet Klipper motherboard and ARM 64-bit 1.5GHZ main frequency quad-core high-performance processor, the Sidewinder X4 PRO presents you with a fast printing experience of up to 500mm/s (Default 300mm/s) and up to 12000mm/S² acceleration. Advanced features like Input Shaping and Pressure Advance ensure high speed printing in excellent quality by minimizing printer vibration and shaking.

All Metal Dual Gear 

Direct Drive Extruder 

More Accurate Extrusion and Great for Printing Flexible Material. Artillery Self-Developed all-metal direct drive extruder with dual gear set, provides the Sidewinder X4 PRO with a higher drive ratio and a lighter motor, making extrusion more accurate and printing flexible and elastic material easier.

300°C All Metal Hotend

The all-metal hotend with large melting zones ensures the Sidewinder X4 PRO is capable of high-speed and high-temp 3D printing. Unlocking more 3D printing applications by meeting your need for printing strong filaments like Nylon, ABS, Carbon Fiber, ASA, PC, etc.

Wireless Wifi Remote Control

The embedded WIFI module allows for faster pairing and more stable connection.

Making it a simple and reliable remote printing and monitoring solution for the Sidewinder X4 PRO 3D printer.

Auto Bed Levelling

The high precision sensor collects deviation data at 81 points of the bed automatically andcompensates the uneveness of the hotbed. Fast and quiet detection helps you get a fantastic first layer easily.

Resume Printing & Filament Runout Detection

The resume printing function enables the Sidewinder X4 Pro to 

continue printing easily and perfectly after a power outage or pause printing. 

More Worthy Details

Double Pull Rod: Minimize Z-axis Vibration, better stability.

PEI Magnetic Spring Steel Plate: Strong magnet with great adhesion, better durability.

Led Light Kit: Soft light, better observation.