Gifts for Kid on Children‘s day

Children are the bright sparks of joy and the architects of our future. It signifies the beginning of a new chapter filled with love, hope, and endless possibilities.  The child's arrival weaves a stronger bond within the family, uniting everyone in love and shared dreams.

International Children's day is coming Would you feel tired of choosing a gift for your children on Children's Day? How about printing some 3D models as a gift for children?


Spinning Toy

We believe that every kid should have the same toy, and the spinning top will definitely be on the list. It's easy to play and incredibly fun, whether played alone or as a competition. However, we need to add some support in the slicer.


Bird Whistle

Kids between 2 and 4 years old don't have a strong sense of order, so a whistle is a good gift for both kids and parents. You can use the whistle to call your babies and build some family rules. It's cute, easy to print, and takes only 2 hours to print.



Nowadays, raising a child involves more than just letting them grow up; it means nurturing them like a flower to develop a strong body, a wise brain, and a positive personality. A sliding puzzle is a great choice for this purpose. Divide the puzzle into three parts, then assemble them. We print 2 types, one for 3-6 years, and the other for over 6 years.


Ring-Toss Pontoon Raft Tub Toy

If there are more than two babies, this 3D model is a good choice. This game can train kids' patience and focus. The model is divided into 5 parts, and you will use glue to attach the screws and cylinders. You can adjust the size of the slicer according to your kids' ages. 



This little game is suitable for every kid. You can add blanks according to the child's age. The rules are simple, helping kids understand what rules are, and they are easy to follow. The model is very easy to print.

Seaside escape

It's a popular game nowadays, and it's also printable. First, find a 3D model of a rectangle. We printed the size of 35mm*49mm*15mm. You can print the pattern, or you can find a sticker and simply glue it on. It's a great family game, too. By clicking the title, you can find the game.

Happy Children's Day!