Artillery Sponsored Team Hardwired for the FTC competition

At the beginning of this year, Artillery sponsored  Sidewinder X4pro to Team Hardwired from Romania, showcasing our attitude to fostering innovation in education and inspiring Gen Z individuals' creativity and tech exploration.

After three days match, They managed to win 6/6 matches, ranking 3rd in the regional and 19th in the league ranking, and thus they reached the semi-finals.

Team Hardwired, representing Targu Mures, Romania, in the local high school robotics scene. The team of high school students uses FIRST Technology Challenge, 3D printing, programming, electronics or mechanical skills to complete their robotics project. They entered the FTC Romania National Competition two years in a row. What’s more we sponsored Sidewinder X2 to them last year.

As the Team member said: “2 of the Center Stage season was a real challenge, full of strong emotions, which finally showed how united our team is. Although our run in the FTC competition has come to an end, we are extremely proud of all that we have achieved”