How to Use a 3D Printer to Print a Large Helmet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Today we are going to print a 3D-printed helmet.

What is 3D printing? It has changed the way we create items by building them layer by layer from digital designs. This technology finds wide-ranging applications in consumer goods.

Design Preparation

First: You can find a well-designed helmet 3D Model from the 3D model website. Then, select slicing software to slice the STL file. We use an Artillery slicer, The model comprises nine intricate parts, and it is imperative to cut and print each part meticulously.

Material Selection

We utilize an FDM printer, the Artillery Siderwinder X4plus, which necessitates the pairing of appropriate filaments. there are lots of filament types, such as PLA, ABS, PETG, and TPU; we opt for PLA on this occasion. According to the model, Our selection entails light gray filament for the helmet and white for the feather.

Printer Setup and Calibration

It is essential to do a thorough examination of the printers before printing. such as bed leveling, nozzle calibration, and filament loading.

Printing Process

The printer offers the convenience of utilizing either WiFi or a USB disk for transferring the slicer file. During the printing, check the filaments, hotbed, and extrude. Upon completion of the printing endeavor, the final step entails skillfully assembling the disparate components into a cohesive whole.


Embrace the boundless possibilities of 3D printing and unlock your creativity like never before. With every filament layer, you have the power to bring your imagination to life, whether it's crafting personalized gifts, prototyping innovative inventions, or simply indulging in the joy of making. Don't be afraid to dive into the world of 3D printing every failed print is a lesson learned, and every successful creation is a testament to your ingenuity. So, let your ideas take flight and join the vibrant community of makers, innovators, and dreamers who are shaping the future one layer at a time.
You can check out more about the helmet in this video