Artillery3D Spring Festival

3D Printing Event 2024

To spread the joy and culture of Chinese Spring Festival,we 're holding a creative event for you. Welcome to join us! 
This activity is held on our social media platforms-IG/Facebook



📅 Event Date: Jan. 29th - Feb. 24th


Have fun and good luck, everyone! 🥳  Download the models and start creating! 🎇

How to Participate?

1. Like this post and follow us

2. Comment on the Chinese Spring Festival elements you've encountered or that you've found the most interesting, using the hashtag #ArtilleryYearofDragon

(Picture comments are preferred!)


3. Exclusive Channel: Print a Spring Festival-related 3D model and share it on your social media platform (IG/Facebook), and tag our account.


1. 🏆 Prizes(11 winners):
1 Golden Prize: Sidewinder X3 Pro * 1
10 Silver Prize: 2kg Filament

Exclusive Prize(2 winners): 
1 Sidewinder X3 Plus * 1
1 Exchange Coupon for Artillery's Next New Printer * 1


1. Comment below and make a 3D printing post at the same time. This can increase the chance of winning; 


2. Who wins the exchange coupon on exclusive prize can use this coupon to exchange for a Artillery's next newly released printer; 


3. This event is co-held on our social media platforms-IG/Facebook, so the winners of the Golden/Silver Prizes will be picked from all the comments of these two platforms. The Exclusive Prize will be selected from your 3D printing posts—don't forget to tag us! 


4. The right to interpret the event belongs to Artillery  Special STLs:  We've designed 4 exclusive spring festival STLs for you. Open the mysterious models here:  


Have a question?

Mail us by anytime, we endeavor to answer all inquiries within  24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.