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Artillery PEI Flexible Steel Pei Sheet 230x230mm310x310mm Build Plate

PEI Flexible Steel Pei Sheet 230x230mm Build Plate for Genius Hornet 80℃ Heatbed 310x310mm to SW-X2 3D Printing With Magnetic

PEI 230x230mmPEI 310X310mm
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Artillery's PEI Build Plate is a robust and at the same time flexible print surface, which consists of a PEI coating, flexible spring steel and a magnetic base plate.

The wear and scratch-resistant PEI coating ensures excellent adhesion of the models and allows printing with all common printing materials. The flexible spring steel has excellent properties such as good elasticity, easy resilience and durability. If you bend the spring steel plate slightly, the finished model will come off by itself! The magnetic base is made of temperature-resistant rubber and has a super strong magnetic hold. When put together, these parts create a strong, magnetic and heat-resistant print surface with incredible adhesion.

Because the base of the plate is magnetically connected to the spring steel, the assembly and disassembly of the PEI plate is easy. As soon as both of these layers attract each other magnetically, a stable connection is established, which is not broken even by very high temperatures.