3D printing Gifts for MOM

Mother’s Day has been celebrated in most countries on the second Sunday of May. The modern celebration started in the early 20th century.

Our mothers give us all their unconditional love and boundless compassion, which is impossible to repay. However, we can say thanks and send a gift on this special day. How about using a 3D printer to print a customized gift for your mother?

  • Rose 

Flowers are a popular choice as a gift, Women are always happy to receive flowers, no matter what age or time they are. Each delicate petal carries the essence of gratitude, a tribute to the unwavering support and boundless affection she bestows upon us every day. This ’Mama Rose’ is a special one, and it can save forever.


  • Vase

The vase is adorned with the letters 'Mom' in elegant script, adding a touch of sentimentality to its design. Placed prominently on the mantle, it serves as a daily reminder of a mother's enduring love and the warmth she brings to our home."


  • Best Mama medal

Moms can be caretakers, teachers, coaches, doctors, therapists, snack-holders, personal assistants, friends and more. They are worth to a Medal. The words on this printing are the best part of this gift.


  • Plant or coaster

It is not only a plant but also a coaster,Adding plants to your dining room decor can bring a pop of color, texture, and freshness to your space. It is a practical and beautiful gift.


  • Statue

The inevitable journey to motherhood is one of nurturing and creation, which is why we hold our mothers dear. This sculpture embodies the beauty of femininity

  • Necklace

Jewelry signals wealth and beauty, but  your mother's jewelry box contains a custom-made necklace by you, which means love. Come and print this dolphin necklace for your mom.